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Property Management Services
Management Services are provided in house only to Paramount Investments company owned portfolio properties. 


  • Prepare calendar year budget on or before December 15th of each year.

  • Provide quarterly operating statements with detail within 20 days following the previous Quarters end.



  • Executive Summary

  • Balance Sheet

  • Budget Variance

  • Rent Roll



  • Market Rent Survey

  • Insurance

  • Maintenance Contracts (Sweeper, Landscape, Dumpster, Window Washing, Pest Control, etc.)

  • Property Leasing Plan

  • CAM Itemized Report

  • Annual Budget for upcoming new year (includes Leasing and Renewal Schedules)

  • Annual Review of Leases for Landlord Reimbursement, I.e., CAM, Taxes & Insurance



  • Lease Escalations Adjusted

  • Emergency Maintenance Reports

  • Accident Reports

  • Lease Renewals

  • Compute and allocate CAM and tax participation charges for each tenant and invoice monthly estimated payments.

  • Collect and maintain records on sales figures for all tenants (when applicable).

  • Meet with Owner as necessary to review Investment Portfolio.



  • Onsite visit to properties minimum Bi-monthly - A.M. as well as P.M. to check lighting.

  • Monthly Property Inspection Report (pass/fail/corrective action)

  • Landscape (weed control, adequate watering, mowing, shrubs/trees trimmed, pest control, sprinkler system operation)

  • Sweeping/Dumpster Collections

  • Parking (unauthorized or abandoned vehicles)

  • Lighting Operations (sign bands, tenant signs, marquee, security/ pole lighting)

  • Maintain personal contact with tenants; monitor sales, listen closely to complaints, assist with marketing advise where possible.

  • Community involvement; Chamber of Commerce, Metro Rotary Club, etc.

  • Community awareness:  keep abreast of proposals for roadways or traffic lights in the area, new or closing industries and/or new centers.

  • Promptly enforce each violation of use clauses, sign criteria, outside storage or other unacceptable activities to maintain steady control.



  • Invoice each tenant monthly.

  • Collect rental payments in a timely manner.

  • Apply late charges when applicable and send letters after the 5th of the month.

  • Personal contact and/or default remedy letters immediately after cure period expires.

  • Resolve default status w/tenants experiencing financial difficulties, i.e., temporary payment plan.

  • Determine economic feasibility of pursuing liability under leases, retain attorney when justified, file suit and appear as witness, make settlement agreement, and/or pursue judgment for rent due.

  • Notify tenants of annual percentage rent due, CAM, Taxes & Insurance reimbursement participation and insure timely collection.





• Compare annually with taxes comparable centers elsewhere in state.
• Compare annually with other improved properties in the same city.
• Render annually.
• Appeal unjust assessments.
• Negotiate adjustments in unfair tax escrow accounts maintained by lenders.
• Ensure all taxes are paid before due date.
• If lender is maintaining an escrow account, ensure tax statements are forwarded for timely payment.




A. Policies

• Obtain bids and acquire most favorable policies available.
• Ensure that policy issuers have financial capacity and willingness to pay claims.
• Ensure that policy amount is high enough to avoid coinsurance problems and meet lender criteria.
• Ensure that all lenders have current copies of policies and have approved same.


B. Claims

• Immediate notification to agent.
• Negotiate claim settlement.
• Obtain necessary lender approvals.
• Execute construction contracts and supervise work.
• Collect proceeds, obtain lien waivers, pay contractors.


C. Shell Structure:

• Semiannual inspection of roof, parking lot, HVAC systems and tenant spaces.  Status Report to file.
• Determine intermediate term (3-5 years) maintenance plans (some flexibility necessary).
• Obtain multiple bids and contract for necessary repairs and replacements.
• Supervise work, obtain lien waivers (when ready) and pay contractors.



• Retain and supervise parking lot sweeping service, common area maintenance, landscaping contract service, dumpster, irrigation system, lighting.
• Review common area utility service to ensure economic usage.
• Obtain bids and supervise completion of parking lot power washing/re-striping, as needed.



  • Maintain a list of all uses that are restricted by existing leases so that a negative covenant will not be violated.

  • Develop a list of store types that would most complement existing tenants and direct special efforts toward locating and leasing such stores.

  • Make courtesy calls on all strong local merchants every 2-3 months to keep the property on their minds.

  • Personally, call on strong merchants having stores in similar centers within a 50 mile radius.  Follow up on potential prospects.

  • Use existing tenant and Chamber of Commerce as sources.

  • Respond to calls from signage and show space.

  • Negotiate lease and finish out terms with prospective tenants.

  • Negotiate renewals for leases as they expire.

  • Anticipate vacancies before they occur by using sales figures and personal tenant contact.

  • Consistently use existing tenants regarding expansion in present centers and additional locations in out other centers.

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